Frequently Asked Questions

How Does College Unlimited Work With Clients?

As educational consultants, we know that every student and family has different needs. For this reason, College Unlimited has created two different methods to work with us on your college admission needs.

The College Unlimited Partner option is the best choice for families who would like help managing the entire application process regardless of when the student becomes a partner. This option is great when the student knows he/she will need help with the following:  selecting best-fit colleges, building a strong student resume, navigating strong letters of recommendation, assistance with essay editing, and finally, creating strong applications and making sure they are submitted in a timely manner. Because of the complexity of college applications, students should expect significant hours of consultations, revisions, and editing between August and December. The Partner option has unlimited access to College Unlimited consultants without additional costs.

For YOU Hours are a great option for students that do not want College Unlimited to manage any deadlines, but rather have guidance at various stages of the college admission process. These hours are best used when families want to review different components necessary to maximizing options for their student. Students also use For You Hours to edit essays and review “good fit” college lists. These hours are scheduled by the student when needs arise and are charged hourly.

NOTE: We can move a For YOU client to a College Unlimited Partner at anytime if we have availability. Any hourly payments will be deducted from the Partner price.

Why do I need an educational consultant to apply to college?

Colleges are no longer looking for a well-rounded student, but rather a well-rounded freshman class!

Applying to college is very different than when most parents were applying 20 years ago. It has become complex and competitive due to the use of technology and increasing tuition prices. Essentially, colleges are receiving upwards of four times the amount of applications than in years past. This increase in applications makes it harder for students to stand out. Educational consultants spend countless hours visiting schools and meeting with admissions representatives. We know what the colleges are looking for in students and we have the knowledge to help students choose colleges that are a “good fit” for their academic, social, and financial goals. We work with our students to help them build strong applications so they demonstrate WHY they are a terrific choice for admission.

What makes College Unlimited unique?

Jodi and Shirley pride themselves on becoming personally invested in understanding the needs and goals of each student. We do not use any cookie-cutter approach and truly become a partner to helping our students better understand why colleges are a “good fit”. Our favorite part of our job is to help students choose colleges that offer them a challenging, affordable, and socially exciting atmosphere to get inspired for their future.

Do you work with transfer students?

Yes! We believe that college decisions are “not written in stone” and no college is perfect. It is difficult to ask a 17 year old to make these important decisions, and many times they are not mature enough to truly understand what they want. We work with transfer students to find and apply to colleges that represent a better fit as their individual needs change.

When is the best time to start with a college counselor?

The best time to call an educational consultant is when you begin to have questions about the college process. This can be done as early as 8th grade if you would like to understand the overall needs of college admissions and learn how to choose courses/activities while in high school with the goal of maximizing college options. Most students begin working with us in 9th, 10th grade, or 11th grade.

What is the success rate of College Unlimited?

College Unlimited has successfully helped hundreds of students apply and get accepted to colleges that are a good fit academically, socially, and most important, financially. We have been able to advise and help students achieve merit scholarship upwards of $100,000 at individual schools. We are especially proud of the immense feedback we receive from families and students after they enter college on what a positive experience it is to go to a college that just “feels right”!

How and when do I pay for College Unlimited services?

For College Unlimited Partners, payment is due at time of contract but can be divided into a payment schedule that is mutually agreed upon. Clients that utilize For YOU Hours, payment is due at time of each scheduled meeting.