Helping Create a Smarter Path for College Admissions Success


Applying to college is an exciting time for students – one filled with hope and vision toward a successful future. Yet, in today’s complex world, college admissions has become associated with heightened anxiety and stress. With the right planning, this does not have to be the case.


The ultimate goal of College Unlimited is to identify schools that are going to inspire students and provide them with a “good fit” home where they can study, explore, and enjoy their time as undergraduates.


College Unlimited guides high school students through the college search, application, and admissions process. Our mission is to work with students and families, helping to create a smarter path for the student to achieve academic and career success.

It was hard to not feel intimidated when I first entered the college search process at the end of my junior year of high school. If learning to fill out my application and cater my essays to each school seemed like huge hurdles, then finding the right school for me felt like a mountain. It wasn’t until I met Jodi Gershoni at College Unlimited that this demanding process began to make sense. Together Jodi and I created a customized list of colleges that suited my need to be both academically stimulated, in a fun environment, and receive a decent scholarship that would lighten the financial burden of my future endeavors. In addition, Jodi kept me on schedule with finishing my essays, applying for scholarships, and filing my applications, among a myriad of other tasks. Throughout this process, Jodi was a source of reliability, and I can gladly say that I’ve ended up at the school for me. I am now finishing up my second year at the College of Charleston, a school that I would never have found if it wasn’t for Jodi and College Unlimited!

~ Sam, Quince Orchard High School, Class of 2016